Weekend Schedule - SATURDAY 27TH JULY 2024

o Saturday 8am-11am: Race pack collection (overseas only - all Irish addresses will be posted their race numbers in advance)
o Saturday 8.30am: Half race build up, Kilkee
o Saturday 9am: Half race start, Kilkee
o Saturday 11am: Half marathon prize ceremony, Finish area
o Saturday 12.30pm: 10k race start, Kilkee
o Saturday 1.30pm: 10k prize ceremony, Finish area

Run Kilkee Half Marathon and 10K |SATURDAY 27TH JULY 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I collect my race pack?


RACE PACK COLLECTION: All overseas participants must collect their Race Pack On Saturday morning from 8.00am at the bandstand at the start area. This pack will contain your bib number with an integrated timing chip. Race Packs will be posted to all Irish participants approximately 2 weeks in advance of the event.


Can my race pack be posted to me?


POSTING RACE PACK: Race Packs will be posted to all Irish participants approximately 2 weeks in advance of the event. There is no additional charge to have your race pack posted. This pack will contain your bib number with an integrated timing chip. You are then race ready and do not need to WAITING LIST in Kilkee. Simply turn up at the start line in good time!


Is there somewhere I can drop my bag?


Yes a bag drop will be available if required at the start area. One small bag per person is permitted. Please do not place valuable items, or items that may be easily damaged, in your baggage. Any discarded clothing will be given to charity.


Where can I park my Car?


Please be considerate when parking and ensure that you do not infringe on local residents or cause an obstruction. There is ample parking within a 10-minute walk of the start area. Please ensure you comply with any metered parking if you choose to park in metred car parks e.g. the public car park at the dive centre (North) end of the beach. Strictly no parking is allowed at the start area triangle in front of the bandstand. If you are staying in Kilkee we would advise you to walk from your accommodation where possible. Arrive in plenty time and please be considerate to other road users.


Are there prizes for the winners?


Yes. Prize categories for this year’s Run Kilkee are as follows:

• Half marathon 1/2/3 male/female

• 10k 1/2/3 male/female

• Wheelchair category 

Placings will be awarded on gun time not chip time e.g. whoever crosses the line first wins.


Is the course marked in miles or kilometres?


The Half Marathon course is marked in miles and the 10K course marked in kilometres.


What refreshments and toilets are available on the course?


Water stations - There are water stations at approximately 3 mile intervals, however the physical layout of the roads does not allow them to be exactly every 3 miles. Toilets are also positioned at all these stations. Do not throw bottles or rubbish over fences or walls, dispose of litter responsibly after each water stop at bins provided 200 metres beyond each water station or else drop your rubbish at the next mile marker. Be particularly careful disposing of gel wrappers. Please respect the environment you are in. A snack pack and water are provided at the finish line.


Will I receive a medal and finishers top?


You will receive your Run Kilkee Finishers top and medal at the finish line. Race tops and medals are supplied by Titan Sports.


Are spectators permitted on the course?


Spectators are welcome along the route but must obey traffic management restrictions. Do not, under any circumstances park on or block any routes along the way as this may cause a safety hazard. Public health and safety are of paramount importance for the event. All necessary measures are being put in place to facilitate the smooth running of the entire weekend. If you have any further queries regarding public safety, traffic restrictions, etc please contact us.


Will the roads be closed to vehicles?


Traffic management and calming measures will be in place with rolling road closures being in place on a rolling basis throughout the course. However, please note there will be some traffic on the route and you should always expect vehicles and take responsibility for running responsibly (particularly in more densely populated areas around the start/finish area). Please feel free to contact us if you require any specific assistance.


What side of the road should I run on?


Runners are advised to run on the right hand side of the road in the direction in which you are travelling.


Can I walk the Half Marathon and 10k?


Yes absolutely. Walkers are extremely welcome. If fact, we think it is a fabulous way to enjoy the scenery in all its glory. Please be advised that there is a 3 hours and 15 minute cut off (gun time) for the half marathon and 2 hour cut off (gun time) for the 10K. At this point you must either leave the course which we will facilitate or continue the remainder of the route as a normal pedestrian and no event resources will be available to you after this time. Please do not attempt the course if you do not think you can complete it within the above times.


Will there be official timing?


Yes. Your race bib number contains a built in timing chip. In order for same to work you must wear your race number TO THE FRONT. Your race number is your timing chip, keep this exposed as much as possible. No number, no race! Your official results will be posted on www.runkilkee.ie shortly after the event.


Can I withdraw from the event, switch distances or transfer my entry to a friend?


Run Kilkee withdrawal policy is as follows: Entry Fees are strictly non-refundable and you cannot defer to any subsequent events. Entries are strictly non-transferable, so you cannot give your entry to someone else. You may switch distances up to 31st May by emailing us at info@runkilkee.ie.


Do you accept volunteers to help out on the day?


Absolutely, volunteers are an essential part of making the event run smoothly. Please contact us if you are interesting in lending a hand on the day and we will assign you to be part of the support team in areas including baggage reclaim, helping out at water stations, supporting the participants, handing out medals, etc. We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch. If your part of a community, sports or social group who would be interested in getting involved we would love to hear from you too, so please email us at info@runkilkee.ie.


If I need medical assistance on the day what should I do?


Please write your details and medical information on the reverse of the number in order that our first aid teams and medical staff can quickly learn of any medical issues that you may have. First Aid personnel are strategically positioned in and around the route to assist any runners and also to ensure no disruption to normal day to day services. First aid staff are available at the start line, the finish lines and in mobile response vehicles. Please inform any steward or race official if you need medical assistance and they will arrange same for you immediately. It is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor if you have any doubt about your health or fitness level. If you are not currently involved in a physical sporting activity, you should seek medical advice before entering the event.


What is the minimum age for participating?


All participants must have reached their eighteenth birthday by the day of the event.


Run Kilkee Half Marathon and 10K | SATURDAY 27TH JULY 2024


Run Kilkee Half Marathon and 10K | SATURDAY 27TH JULY 2024